Designed exclusively for XLRI students, Apollo is a cross domain event that is conducted during the fest. Hosted by three committees on campus namely SAPPHIRE (Students’ Association for the Promotion of Personnel Management, Human Resources and Industrial Relations), CRUX (The Consulting and Research Undertaking) and FIRE@X (The Forum for Industrial Relations), the event witnesses participation from teams comprising both the HRM and BM students.
It starts off with an online quiz where teams participated with overwhelming zeal and enthusiasm to crack some challenging questions on human resources and industrial relations. Post the online battle, sixteen teams qualify for the next leg, where SAPPHIRE, FIRE@X and CRUX have their separate events.
Ensemble 2016 saw the second round filled with vigor and razzmatazz throughout the event where the teams competed in a treasure hunt for SAPPHIRE’s event. Teams were judged both on their agility during the hunt and their subject expertise.
This event provided exposure and learning opportunities in diverse areas of human resource management and industrial relations to all the participants. A success, this event was a joy ride yet a new learning experience.

One of the primary aims of SAPPHIRE is to keep the students updated with the emerging industry trends in the HR area. A similar attempt was made when they launched their annual quizzing league “Battle H Royale” in 2016. A power packed event consisting of five rounds, this event gathers participation of over 1000 candidates from the premium B-Schools of the country every year. The event sees the students knuckling down to decipher the questions thrown at them at each round to maintain their position on the leader board where the points from each round is added. The battle ends with the finale conducted in the National HR IR Conference every year.

The results of BHR Round 4 are out. Congratulations to the winners :)

The results of all the 4 rounds put together will be out soon along with the details of grand finale. Stay tuned!

Human Resource Management is arguably one of the most important facets of management and management education. Yet if you see the number of competitive engagements present in the space of HR as in comparison to other management disciplines, the ratio is rather regrettable. And it is in such a scenario that SAPPHIRE, the HR committee of XLRI Jamshedpur steps up to fill the void with a unique national level event HR Colosseum.
A one of a kind event, HR Colosseum started in January 2017, as a national level HR event with a variety of innovative events designed to test the different competencies of participants as they square off against some of the brightest minds in the country.
Colosseum plays host to a plethora of engaging events as we at SAPPHIRE look towards fulfilling our goal of spreading awareness and interest in the field of Human Resource Management across the length and breadth of the country.

Organized for the annual inter college fest Ensemble Valhalla, this flagship HR event comprises of two rounds. The first round is an online quiz that tests the HR domain knowledge of the participants.
The finale is conducted at XLRI, Jamshedpur, with finalists from top B-schools of the country coming to battle their wits out in case studies and compete for prizes. Interestingly, participation in the event isn’t restricted to only the HR folks. Students from different colleges bring fresh perspectives to the case studies which is judged by the faculty of XLRI.
Each team presents their pitch during the fest to justify the different perspectives of the case and the assumptions made by them. Amidst this, all the teams proved their merit convincingly making it hard to take a final call on the winner.
The event overall, is a great learning opportunity for all the participants and a platform to explore varied approaches to the same problem. The students get an opportunity to appreciate the valuable and insightful feedback they receive on their presentations from the jury. Truly a war of wits!